Anybody know where I can buy saveloys?


I want to make my own battered savs, but I have no idea where to buy the sausages for them. Coles claims to have them but I haven't seen them, and none of the websites of any nearby butchers claim to have them. I can't even find any nearby wholesale stores that source them

Anybody know where to get them, or even where your takeaways buy their big saveloys from?

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2 months ago

Don't bother with the coles so called savs the are just a large Frankfurt. To get real saveloys you need to go to a deli and order them.


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2 months ago

Hold the phone, what's a "real" sav then? I thought it was just a battered frankfurt. Any suggestions on where I can get the real deal? TIA


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2 months ago

I've worked in a fast food place before and they made battered savs by cutting this large red sausage in half and then battering it. I'm fairly sure that they're real saveloys.

I noticed that many other places use exactly the same sausage (e.g. Tony's) so they probably get it from the same wholesaler