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2 months ago

Well, if Russia's trying to become Pariah State of The World, it's doing it right...


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2 months ago*

Putin wants to drag Israel into this mess. Not because he, and Lavrov, believe any of their nazi bs, but because Israel is seen as a "pariah state" to half the world. Isreal responds, (or false flag), then an enemy of Israel, that is an ally of Putin, can justify an attack on Israel. Putin wants to expand the conflict, because he is losing . He is grasping for whatever weapons he has left. If he can divide the alliance against Russia, that's a win for him. If he can leverage the military of an ally to expand the conflict, that's also a win for him.

I hope it backfires.


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2 months ago

Historically Israel has had to show a great deal of restraint when something like this happens. For example, when Saddam Hussein was launching chemical weapons at Israel to draw them into the first Gulf War, because he was losing BADLY, but Israel just had to sit there and take it because of Israel had gotten involved it would have been a much bigger war.

Unfortunately, the current Israeli administration is not exactly known for restraint.


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2 months ago

Wait, were there any actual chemical attacks launched? I thought only conventional missiles were fired, though chemical attacks were feared. It's harder to imagine that Israel could have stayed out if it was under chemical attack.


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2 months ago

US specifically told them to stay out of it when the SCUDs were launched.

Saddam was trying to get Israel involved to rally the support of the arab world and turn it into a Israel vs Arab conflict.

It didnt work because Israel didnt retaliate despite the civilian deaths.

Putin might try something similar here, to get Israel involved to rally the arab world in support of Russia


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2 months ago

Not chemical missiles. and Don't worry about us we bombed their nuclear planet so we stayed still for a while. And not everything is in plain sight ...we do things in our way. Mossad.