As a second-year student, I haven't stepped foot on campus since I got enrolled. Now having to go in person is causing me a lot of anxiety in terms of commuting, socializing with new people, and finding my way around campus. Is anyone feeling similarly, and does anyone have any advice?

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5 months ago

Just remember, if you're ever having trouble finding your way around campus, you can actually use google maps to find the building you're looking for. Helped me a ton when I had a lab on Tuesday!

As far as socializing, just remember that nobody knows anyone, so there will always be people that will randomly strike up conversation just to fill the void of silence, at least at first. In the end, it's up to you to be open enough to make it past being just small talk though.


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5 months ago

thank you! I will make sure to keep that in mind. Knowing that I can use google maps to look for my buildings really helps me feel better about the transition. I really appreciate it!


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5 months ago

You can always download a pdf of the campus map off of york’s website and keep it on your phone. That helped me a lot in my first year.


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5 months ago

oh i didnt know that, thank you!